Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry

Heart Of Worship

البوم: Volume 4 disc 2

ترنيمة: Pierced

Volume 4 disc 2 - Heart Of Worship


Pierced for our transgressions, punished for our sins,
He poured his life out for us, that we might follow him.
He carried all our sorrows and burdens he did bear,
He died a death of sinners, for he so loved this world.
Jesus, we adore thee, light of life for all mankind.
Your love it knows no measure and your mercy knows no bounds.
Jesus, suffering servant, Jesus, prince of peace,
Lamb of God, Messiah, how worthy is your name.

You made your life a ransom and paid for all our sins,
Hung crucified on Calvary, despised and scorned by men.
You died that we might know you, you died that we might live,
But rose again triumphant, the Son of righteousness.

One day we’ll see our Savior in clouds of glory come
To gather us, His children; Christ, God’s own conquering Son.
That at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow
And' s every tongue confess him, the King of glory now.
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